We were given a great privilege to enjoy raw foods and nourish our bodies with the strength of creation. Raw food is so much more than the sum of its nutritional value; it contains life energy (prana), and has the highest energy frequency amongst foods, it connects us to nature’s strength and power. You can experience the perfection and wisdom of nature in each raw food: it gives us vitality, energy that is available immediately, and a balanced connection to all of the elements.
Raw foods provide us with a rich variety of minerals, enzymes, vitamins and phytochemicals (healing substances found in plants). A diet based on raw foods can heal, balance and strengthen the body. Raw food is rich in antioxidants, and it is compatible with the blood’s pH level because it is a base. It also supports the digestive system and improves the general condition of the skin. It is recommended for weight loss as well as a form of treatment for cardiac patients, cancer patients and diabetes patients.
The enzymes are the greatest benefit of raw foods. Enzymes are protein molecules that are responsible for breaking down the food in the digestive system and turning it into energy. They also accelerate the removal of waste and unnecessary materials. Our modern lifestyle and the processed food that we eat damage our DNA and cause an increase in the amount of free radicals in our body. Raw food is capable of fixing that damage thanks to its high nutritional values and enzymes. In addition, enzymes have anti-inflammatory properties which strengthen the immune system, help cure cancer and accelerate the healing rate of illnesses and wounds. Enzymes are necessary for generating energy, rejuvenation and body healing.
Cooking the food kills the enzymes, drastically decreases the amount of vitamins and minerals and increases the amount of free radicals. Today most of the population consumes very little raw food. Straying away from nature has led to processed food consumption, and raw unprocessed food has lost its place in our daily diet.
During the years I’ve learned that the amount of raw food a person should eat changes from person to person and is influenced by body temperature and the season. Some people should only eat raw food while for others 80% would suffice. I believe that a diet that consists of at least 50% raw food will benefit anyone.


Superfoods are extremely high in nutritional values. They contain important nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, fatty acids, vital amino acids, antioxidants, fats, beneficial oils, glyconutrients and polysaccharides. The ancient stories of these foods’ discovery are fascinating – how were they discovered, how were they eaten, what powers were attributed to them. We need to be grateful for the opportunity we have today to enjoy them. Superfoods have come to our kitchen from across the planet and they enrich our daily diet as a healing, nourishing and strengthening food.

The healing powers of superfoods were first discovered through a channeling of energy. The Aztecs knew that cacao beans are good for fertility and blood flow; the Mapuches used maqui berries to protect and strengthen the body; ancient Native American warriors ate chia seeds to receive strength and energy;
Chinese physicians incorporated Goji berries into different medicinal mixtures, and Aloe Vera was Cleopatra’s beauty secret. Current research on superfoods confirms what ancient civilizations had already known – these foods are medicinal and beneficial to us. These ancient civilizations knew how to harness the energy of superfoods and how to properly use them.
Research proves that superfoods can alleviate the symptoms of allergies, asthma, eczema, depression, hepatitis, arthritis, nervous system disorders, ADHD, herpes, HIV opportunistic infections, MS, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac diseases, skin diseases, weakened immune system, insomnia, diabetes (1+2), different types of cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, prions, psoriasis, hypoglycemia. Today’s world, and by extension our lives, is filled with air, earth and water pollution as well as large amounts of radiation. We need these medicinal foods more than ever in order to heal the damage that today’s world has been inflicting on us.