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These formulae includes some of the most powerful superfoods on earth.


A unique formula that includes some of the most powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that exist in nature! It does wonders for your body when used daily.

It contains a mix of organic berries from around the world: maqui (Chile), acai (Brazil), goji (China), Aronia (Eastern Europe) and blueberries (Russia).

The benefits of this superfood include:

√ Encourages cell renewal

√ Stabilizes blood sugar

√ Stabilizes cholesterol and aids weight loss

√ Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

√ Contributes to the general health of the cardiovascular system

√ Improves the general condition of skin and hair

√ Increases energy levels

√ Slows down aging processes


A rich mix of green superfoods. Perfect for nourishing your body and strengthening it. Especially effective for cleansing and healing the different body systems.

It contains a mix of different algae (organic Spirulina and Chlorella), leaves (organic Moringa) and grass (organic wheatgrass and barley grass).

The benefits of this superfood include:

√  Aids detoxification processes

√  Disposes of free radicals and strengthens the liver

√  Enhances metabolism processes

√  Strengthens the immune system

√  Increases the production level of red blood cells

√  Stabilizes blood sugar and improves brain functions

√  Improves the general condition of skin, hair and nails

√  Increases energy levels for long periods of time


A unique formula based on raw cacao and plant-based protein.

The formula contains a perfect mix of raw cacao, plant-based protein and organic Maca powder to strengthen the body through daily consumption for both adults and children.

It contains a mix of raw organic cacao, organic Maca root, organic lucuma powder, organic coconut sugar and natural plant-based pea protein.

√ Strengthens the muscles and bones

√ Balances the mind

√ Improves one’s mood and induces euphoria

√ Improves concentration and memory

√ Balances the nervous system

√ Supports hormonal balance

√ Provides immediately available energy

√ Is a source of plant-based protein

Umina’s superfood mixes are created by Umina from the best raw materials nature has to offer. The mixes are all 100% organic and natural with no added preservatives.
All mixes are Kosher Parerve certified, issued by Regional Rabbinate Kfar Pines, Israel. 
The mixes are made in Israel according to the highest quality standards for dietary supplements (GMP).

“…When we fully accept that we belong to the land and not its owners, we would be able to enter into the richest of worlds. We would be able to open up our minds and learn about an abundance of wonderful foods and about healing through nature. 
When you incorporate superfoods into your daily lives and routine, all of a sudden your kitchen will fill up with all sorts of medicinal and nutritional foods; different kinds of grains from all over the globe, medicinal herbs and spices, distinct tea infusions, rare seeds from distant lands, medicinal mushrooms, special kinds of algae, different roots and more. 
Each one of them is unique and carries nature’s force and wisdom within…” Umina

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